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Downloads: Pollution control - noise

The following documents are available for download. Documents in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader.

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Available downloads

Audible intruder alarms

Information on Audible Intruder Alarms.

Audible Intruder Alarms Leaflet PDF (PDF)

  • Size: 51.71 KB
  • Estimated download time: (56k = 8 secs)

Barking dogs leaflet

Information on how to deal with barking dogs and reduce the amount of noise your dog makes.

Tackling the problem of noisy dogs PDF (PDF)

  • Size: 414.09 KB
  • Estimated download time: (56k = 1 mins 2 secs)

Noise in streets leaflet

Read what constitutes 'noise in the street', where it comes from and information about what the Council can do to help tackle the problem.

Read the leaflet PDF (PDF)

  • Size: 55.15 KB
  • Estimated download time: (56k = 9 secs)

Noise nuisance leaflet

Read about what a 'noise nuisance' is, the various sources and what the Council can do to tackle the problem.

Read the leaflet PDF (PDF)

  • Size: 37.3 KB
  • Estimated download time: (56k = 6 secs)

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