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Most burglars are not master criminals - they are usually looking for an easy opportunity to get into a house without being seen. Once they have been in and got away with it, they may be back again unless you do something. Don't rely on one or two precautions.

Here is a list of things you can do:

1. Walls and Fences

High fences are hard to climb but they give a burglar cover once he's over, so keep them low and have a trellis on top to make it difficult to climb over. 

2. Lighting

Get an outdoor light with a sensor that comes on when someone's around. Use plug-in timers for your lamps and timers for your ceiling lights. Don't just light up the hallway - fool a burglar by lighting up the landing, bathroom, bedroom or living room, and vary the times each light comes on.

3. Sound

Use a plug-in timer for a radio - make it a talk station rather than music, such as Radio 4 which lasts all night.

4. Curtains

Get a trusted neighbour to shut the curtains if you're away. You could return the favour some time!

Our detailed pages on looking after your neighbourhood and securing your home contain plenty more hints and tips.

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