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To reduce crime and provide a safer environment for the benefit of those who live, trade or work in the areas covered, as well as visitors Waveney's CCTV team provide the following services.

  • 365/24/7 monitoring of all cameras including recording of images for use as evidence where legal redress is considered appropriate
  • Close liaison with Suffolk Police Authority to identify areas of concern
  • Providing support to Retail Radio Link scheme in use in shops within the camera catchment areas
  • Monitoring cameras for CEFAS
  • Providing out-of-hours emergency support for Council responsibilities
  • Through the Radio Link scheme providing support to pubs and clubs within camera catchment areas

Did you know?

The first seventeen cameras covering London Road North and South went on line in 1998 following the awarding of funding from the Home Office Over the last four years a further fourteen cameras have been added.Evidence from the recordings has been successfully used to secure convictions for various crimes and have even been used in support of murder investigations.

Cost of the Service

The yearly cost of maintaining the cameras and monitoring equipment is approximately £16k, while the annual rental cost of the telephone lines used to transmit the pictures is around £28k. A new camera, pole and monitor costs in the region of £18k to install.

We will:

  • Ensure that the system is managed in accordance with best practise and in accordance with the Data Protection and Human Rights Acts
  • Provide support to the Police for the apprehension and prosecution of alleged offenders.

You can Help us by

Reporting any incidents of camera equipment vandalism to the Monitoring Centre on the telephone number given below.

You can get in touch with us by

Telephoning 01502 562111 or by e-mailing info@waveney.gov.uk

If you are unhappy with the service

Please write to us at CCTV Monitoring Service, Waveney District Council, Town Hall, High Street, Lowestoft. NR32 1HS

Contact us

Telephone: 01502 562111

Send your feedback or find key contact details.