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Gender discrimination

An introduction


The Equality Act 2006 amended the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and in April 2007 the Gender Equality Duty came into force. It places a legal duty on employers to actively consider the ways men and women are treated and to make sure they are treated equally. This does not necessarily mean treating them the same but looking at their needs and addressing them. All public authorities must pay due regard to the need to:

  • eliminate discrimination and harassment; and
  • promote equal opportunities between men and women.
    Specific duty - gender

    We have to meet some specific duties in relation to gender equality, they are:

  • To prepare and publish a gender equality scheme (the Equality Scheme) showing how the public authority will meet its general and specific duties, and setting out its gender equality objectives.
  • In formulating its overall objectives, to consider the need to include objectives to address the causes of any gender pay gap.
  • To gather and use information on how its policies and practices affect gender equality in the workforce and in the delivery of services.
  • To consult stakeholders (that is, employees, service users and others, including trade unions) and take account of relevant information in order to determine its gender equality objectives.
  • To assess the impact of its current and proposed policies and practices on gender equality.
  • To implement the actions set out in its gender equality scheme (this equality scheme) within three years, unless it is unreasonable or impracticable to do so.
  • To report against the scheme every year and review the scheme at least every three years.

    The Council will consider setting an objective to address all causes of any gender pay gap, including the impact of caring responsibilities and occupational segregation, as well as pay discrimination; and conduct and publish gender impact assessments of all major policy developments, and publish our criteria for conducting such impact assessments (see section 8 of the Scheme).

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