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How to pay your bill

Council Tax and financial information 2010-11

Council Tax bills are normally issued in March each year. The bill will tell you how much you have to pay and how it has been calculated. The bill will also set out the amount of the instalments and the dates on which they are due. Normally there will be ten instalments, however that number will be reduced if your bill is issued after the end of April.

From April 2013, the law was changed to allow the Council Tax Payer the right to twelve instalments, rather than ten.  Please contact the Council Tax Team if you wish to take up this option.

If you think the bill is wrong you must tell us immediately. Unless you make other arrangements with us, you must continue to pay the amounts set out in your original bill until you are sent a revised bill.

If the amount of Council Tax you have to pay during the year changes, for example you become entitled to a discount, an amended bill will be sent to you. This will tell you the revised amount for the year and the new instalments you have to pay.

You can pay your Council Tax online or over the phone by debit or credit card, by Direct Debit, BACS, internet and telephone banking, or by cheque. Follow this link for more information on how to pay your bill.

Post Office and PayzoneIf you do not have a bank account you can pay your Council Tax at your local Post Office or Payzone. You will need a payment card - call us on 01502 523435 or email council.tax@waveney.gov.uk for more details.

If you are having financial difficulties

If you find you are having problems paying your Council Tax bill you should talk to us as you may be entitled to a reduction in your bill, for example, through Local Council Tax Reduction which is means tested. We may also be able to help you by rescheduling your payments. Please do not ignore the bill completely; if you do not pay it and fail to make an alternative payment arrangement, we will take recovery action which will increase the amount you have to pay by adding costs to your account.

If you miss an instalment you will get a reminder notice giving you fourteen days to bring your Council Tax payments up to date. If you do not do this within fourteen days, or you fall behind with your instalments on a third occasion, you will have to pay the outstanding balance for the whole year. If the balance is not paid we will then start recovery action.

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Council Tax

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