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Local Council Tax Reduction

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Appeals process

Council Tax and financial information 2010-11

Disputing your Local Council Tax Reduction (LCTR)

Unlike with Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit you are unable to appeal direct to the local authority when you disagree with LCTR. 

When a grievance against your LCTR decision is raised with a billing authority, you have to allow 2 months for the billing authority to carry out an internal review of your case and respond, if you are still dissatisfied, or the billing authority fails to responded within 2 months from the grievance being raised, you then have a further 2 months to appeal directly to the Valuation Tribunal who will deal with appeals against LCTR. 

The Valuation Tribunal can only deal with cases where it is considered that the local authority has wrongly applied its scheme or miscalculated a person's entitlement. 

The Valuation Tribunal have no jurisdiction to hear appeals on the grounds that the scheme itself is unlawful / unfair. 

If you are disputing the local scheme itself, as your LCTR does not meet your full council tax liability, this is outside of the jurisdiction of the Valuation Tribunal and can only be challenged by Judicial Review.

Further information about the LCTR appeals process from the Valuation Tribunal website

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