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Complying with the Law


A licence is required to undertake a 'house to house' collection, under the House to House Collections Act 1939.

Collections generally take place from door to door or from one public house to another.(a pub crawl) and a House to House Collection Licence may be obtained by a charity or an individual or group for charitable purposes. 

A house to house collection licence can be granted for any period up to one year.

Please note:

Residents who live in No Cold Calling Zones, in addition to any individual residents who display a Suffolk County Council door/window sticker stating that they do not wish to be visited, should in no circumstances be visited. Businesses and individuals working on behalf of these companies who do visit these properties are committing a criminal offence and can be prosecuted under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

Will tacit consent apply?

Yes. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from the local authority by the end of the target completion period (28 days).

Right of appeal

There is a statutory right of appeal against the refusal to grant a house to house collection licence. In this case, the right of appeal is to the Secretary of State, and the grounds for refusal are set out in the Act itself.

One of the key grounds for refusal would be where the total amount likely to be applied for charitable purpose as a result of the collection, is inadequate in proportion to the value of the proceeds likely to be received. So, for instance, where an applicant intends to claim a fair proportion of the proceeds of the collection for expenses, a permit could be refused.There is no statutory guidance to local authorities on what would be a reasonable amount for expenses.


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