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How to deal with unwanted noise

Noise equipment

Noise is a fact of everyday life; however, we are all entitled to expect that the activities of others do not interfere unreasonably with our private lives. This includes freedom from the intrusion of other people's noise.

Noise can arise from several sources:

  • Domestic noise (loud music, barking dogs)
  • Commercial or industrial premises (pubs, clubs, factories)
  • Noisy equipment (alarms, ventilation fans, refrigeration units)
  • Outdoor events
  • Vehicles (car alarms, ice cream chimes)
  • Construction work (from DIY to major projects).

You can download a leaflet that explains how we deal with noise nuisance. In many cases, the person/s causing the noise may not be aware that they are causing a problem, and all that is required is a polite request for some action to be taken to resolve the issue in a friendly way. Don't take any risks - such an approach can sometimes produce a hostile response. Please contact us if you don't feel able to deal with the problem yourself, or if you have tried and it hasn't worked.

Officers will investigate your complaint and decide if any legal action is needed to solve the problem. They will always try to find a solution, without legal action if possible, but can act quickly in severe cases. If they are unable to help you, they will advise you who can.

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