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Suspected fraud reporting

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False identities & multiple National Insurance numbers

Targeting benefit thieves

Is the person using a false or multiple identities?

  • How many identities or NINOs (National Insurance numbers) are being used?
  • Names and addresses of identities used?
  • What Type of IDs used? eg. Irish, English, African
  • How did they obtain each identity?
  • What nationality is the person?
  • How long have they been in the country?
  • What languages does the person speak?
  • Is anyone else involved with the fraud? ie. friends, family, work colleagues? Please provide names and addresses.
  • For what purpose do you think they have a number of IDs?
  • Have they got more than one NINO?
  • Do they use them for working - if so where?
  • Do they use the NINO to obtain benefits? Are they applying for a NINO or are they using someone else's NINO?
  • Do they know the person whose NINO is being used? Are they related?
  • Where is the true owner of the NINO?
  • What evidence of ID did they use to obtain the NINO?

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