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UK Parliamentary (General) elections

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The UK Parliamentary (General) Election is held to elect representatives to UK Parliament. These representatives are called Members of Parliament (MPs).

For the Parliamentary election, the country is split into constituencies and each constituency elects one representative to represent the area. Different candidates stand for election in each constituency across the country, so each constituency has its own ballot paper with its own choice of candidates on. The leaders of the main parties (David Cameron etc.) do not appear on the ballot paper in every constituency.

In the Waveney District area we cover one constituency called the Waveney Constituency and we also cover part of the Suffolk Coastal Constituency. Electors living in the district wards of Blything, Halesworth, Southwold & Reydon, and Wrentham all come under the Suffolk Coastal Constituency, and so will elect a different representative to those living in the Waveney Constituency.

When are the next UK Parliamentary Elections?
The next UK Parliamentary Election will take place in 2020.

This follows the introduction of the 'Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011' which received Royal Assent on 15th September 2011. The passing of the Act means that Parliamentary Elections will occur on a fixed timetable, every five years. The exception to this would be if either two-thirds of all MP's voted in favour of the dissolution of Parliament, or, if there is a vote of no confidence in the Government and a new Government fails to gain the confidence of the House of Commons within 14 days. If either of these scenarios occurred then a UK Parliamentary Election would be held.

Who is my MP?
The current MP for the Waveney Constituency is Peter Aldous. The current MP for the Suffolk Coastal Constituency is Therese Coffey. The Houses of Parliament website contains more information about the UK Parliament and its members.

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