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District council elections


The Waveney District Council area is split into 23 electoral areas called wards. The Council itself is made up of 48 seats, which means that some wards have more than one councillor. This is because some areas have more people living in them than others, so they have more councillors to represent them.

View a list of the Waveney District wards and their Councillors

When are the next District Council Elections?
The Council changed its electoral cycle in 2010 and now holds elections for all of its 48 seats every 4 years. This happened for the first time on 5th May 2011. The next set of scheduled elections will be held in 2019, but by-elections may occur if a councillor resigns or vacates their seat before then. Details of any District Council vacancies can be found below, and details of any by-elections will appear on the relevant 'Elections' page for each year.

Who is my District Councillor?
You can see which councillors represent each ward by viewing the Councillor Chart. If you do not know which ward you live in you can use our Electoral Area Finder. You can also get councillor contact details and information about meetings that are due to be held.

Current vacancies on the District Council

There is currently one vacancy on the District Council within the Wrentham Ward.

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5th May 2011 district and parish election results will be published here as they become available.



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