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This is the local plan for the Waveney district, setting out how the area should be developed. The framework comprises a number of local planning documents which are the starting point when making decisions on planning applications.

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Development Plan Documents

Core Strategy Cover

Core Strategy
The overall approach to future development in Waveney.

Site Specific Allocations Adoption Cover Mini Square

Site Specific Allocations
Land for particular or a mix of uses, such as housing, employment or a community centre.

Development Management Policies Cover

Development Management Policies
Policies to help make decisions on planning applications, including housing, employment, coastal erosion and tourism.

Area Action Plan Proposed Submission Cover

Area Action Plan
Promoting the regeneration of the Lake Lothing and Outer Harbour area of central Lowestoft.

Gypsy and traveller Cover Mini Square

Gypsy and Traveller Site Specific Allocations
Allocating land for gypsy and traveller accommodation and travelling showpeople accommodation.

Proposals Map

Proposals map
A geographic representation of policies and proposals contained in the Development Plan Documents.

Other documents

Neighbourhood Plans
Development Plan Documents can also include neighbourhood plans prepared by the community. There are currently no neighbourhood plans in the area.

Annual Monitoring Report
Assessing the performance of the Local Development Framework.

Local Development Scheme
An overview of the content of the Local Development Framework, plus a timetable identifying the different stages in its preparation.

Statement of Community Involvement
Sets out the ways in which we involve the community in the Local Development Framework and major planning applications.


Supplementary Planning Documents
Open space provision and developer contributions;
Affordable housing;
Guidance for historic buildings and conservation areas;
A guide to developing Broadway Farm in Halesworth;
A guide to developing Kirkley Waterfront and a new Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood in Lowestoft.

Community infrastructure levy
A charge to help ensure that the impact of new development on infrastructure is minimised.

Background Studies
Studies used to form the basis of the Local Development Framework.

Local Development Framework

How to get involved in local planning

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out how and when people can have their say on planning policies and planning applications.

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